Vacation Home Rentals vs Hotel Rooms

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Planning a vacation can be very overwhelming because of the many things that have to be in place before the departure date. Vacations can be within the country or involve international travel that may require more planning and preparation. For any type of vacation, accommodation is the most important part of the planning process and must be considered as a priority. The options for accommodation are dependent on the destination that you are going to visit and the budget as well.

There are different types of accommodation that are available to vacationers and the most common include resorts, hotels, bed & breakfast, cabins, mini hotels, and short-term home/apartment rentals among others. Hotel accommodation is the most common of these types but this is rapidly changing with many vacationers booking rental homes as their preferred choice of stay.  The benefits of vacation home rentals far outweigh those that hotels offer and they include:


This is one of the major benefits of using vacation home rentals as compared to other types of accommodation. You are able to decide on the location of the home and the amount of contact you want to have with the outside world in terms of service. Many vacationers prefer to prepare their own meals so as to add a personal feel to their holiday.


The amount of money used to rent out a vacation home is usually much less than that used to book a hotel with similar amenities. You and your family are able to entertain yourself using the facilities such as swimming pools that are usually part of the package, multiple rooms available in the home thus reducing the amount that would have been spent booking extra bedrooms. In addition, you can use the kitchen and make your meals thus reducing money spent as well.

Alone time

Most times, families take vacations to relax and bond as well, which might not be possible in a hotel with many people plus staff showing up at all corners. However, in a vacation home rental there is enough time and space to play games, interact and form a stronger family bond while creating lasting memories.

Enriching experience

Staying in a rental home allows you to explore the surrounding neighbourhood and sights that might be popular in the area. You are able to learn more about the people and even buy gifts to carry when you get back home at a cheaper price. However, a tour of the city is usually at an extra cost apart from the accommodation.

Nevertheless, to ensure that your vacation is worthwhile while using a vacation home rental it is important to use reliable avenues to get the best deal. Websites such as are the best way to find vacation home rentals because it provides information on such accommodation all over the world. You only need to register on the site and check out the properties they have as you plan for your next vacation.

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