Where to Surf in Central America


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Central America has a very wide coastline on both sides. The Central America peninsula is now a world renowned tourist destination when it comes to surfing. The coastal waters here can offer a good diversity for any surfing activity whether for a novice or for an expert surfer. Surfing in Central America is available all year round so no matter when you visit and how long you intend to stay for sure you can catch a good wave in one of its surfing paradise countries.

Get the Thrills of Surfing in K59 El Salvador

K59 is probably one of the best places to surf in El Salvador. The waves here are constantly strong and fast with challenging rock bottom and barrel sections. The K59 is very ideal for all types of surfers and one can enjoy a full year of surfing pleasure. The K59 coast is surrounded by majestic beautiful mountains and as an added highlight to a wonderful surfing trip are the breathtaking sunsets and the exhilarating sunrises which are priceless views to behold.

The Hidden Surfing Gem of Panama

Santa Catalina in Panama was once known only to a few elite surfers but now considered as a world class surfing destination. The Santa Catalina wave offers consistent powerful breaks and its big wave is the most consistent in the whole Central America. Santa Catalina water is a lot warmer that you would even bother wearing a wetsuit compared to other surfer’s turf. What’s amazing about its remote location is that you can have a less crowded beach which lets you take full advantage of its big powerful waves available throughout the year.

Rip Some Waves in Aschunchillo in Nicaragua

This Central Nicaraguan surf destination is not yet discovered by many that is why it can offer a quiet refuge for great surfing through its rippable waves. There is no need to hustle among crowds of surfers compared to other popular surf spots in Central America. Although the waves here are non-threatening one can expect an occasional barrel or two. Conveniently located with just an hour away from the MGA airport the Aschunchillo is consistent in giving a good beach break.

Priceless Surfing Moments in Costa Rica’s Cabo Matapalo

Cabo Matapalo is hidden on the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula, this is one of the most pristine and tucked away beaches in Costa Rica. There are about 3 beautiful beaches that offer a nice place to surf namely Playa Del Dulce, Backwash Bay and the most challenging break of all the Playa Matapalo. Aside from the great surfing conditions Cabo Matapalo has an untouched natural beauty with lush vegetation and abundance of wild mammals and exotic birds. Get the best of surfing and nature only at Cabo Matapalo.

Bocas Del Toro Panama: Surfer’s Nature Paradise

The Bocas Del Toro in Panama is one surf destination that any nature lover and die hard surfers should not miss. This wonderful Panama province attracts many visitors but still its natural beauty is well-preserved. Thanks to the efforts of some devoted conservationists that in spite of the heavy tourist influx its nature is intact and left untouched. The waters of Bocas del Toro offer a good seasonal consistent swell with dependent reefs. It also has a lot of inexpensive but good tourist accommodations that are safer and less crowded than other popular surfing destination in Central America.

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