Why Visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Amalfi CoastNormally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Italy is the Colosseum in Rome and the amazing food offered here. However, there is much more to Italian tourism than that. Everyone knows that the Mediterranean climate is perfect for sunbathing, which is very evident along the Amalfi coastline. In fact, the beaches of Italy are of equal quality to other well-known sunny resorts around the world. (Photo credit)

The Amalfi coastline is an appealing getaway destination not only for Italians but also for tourists from all over the world who want to experience the joy of spending an amazing holiday in such a beautiful place. The astonishing fact about the Amalfi coastline is that mountain hills and sandy beaches are naturally combined to provide the most attractive place for tourists.

Even though the coastline may be overbuilt, it has still kept the integrity of its natural beauty. However, this means that the locals are taking good care of their natural heritage and they are providing the opportunity for others to enjoy the place that Italians take pride in. This is why you have a great selection of options to choose from when deciding where exactly to spend your holiday. It is essential to remind you that no matter what you choose you will be more than pleased with what you get.

Most of the resorts there are old and provide a lot of history and culture in themselves. Therefore, while taking a trip to the Amalfi coastline, you might learn something new and interesting, comparing the places from what they used to be to what they have become now, from fishing villages to luxurious holiday resorts. Witnessing progress like this is fascinating when it comes to such magnificent places.

limoncelloOne of the things that should definitely not be missed while on a holiday in the Amalfi coastline is Limoncello, a lemon drink which origins from this region and has been famous for its easy production and amazing taste. And how wouldn’t it be when the best lemons ever produced are in this area. Apart from the traditional Italian pasta, renowned products here include fresh local sardines. (Photo credit)

The Amalfi coastline is a great destination choice also because of the possible trips to nearby places. Some of them include the island Capri to which you can get by boat. Another interesting town is Vesuvius, well known because of its volcanic eruptions. It provides the opportunity to walk around and have a look at the natural force. Like any other country here are a lot of sights that deserve attention, most of which are churches. However, the best part of the area is the spectacular landscapes that you would never be able to get enough of. Italy is a country where you can always spend a your vacation and you will not be disappointed.

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