Why Visit Protaras, Cyprus

Traveling to Europe but craving for a different type of experience? Cyprus is the answer! This republic, which is politically part of Europe, is actually an island located near Turkey and the Middle East. This means that it differs in many aspects compared to the usual northern Euro trip that involves historical places and indoor museum activities.

Cyprus has a lot to offer its tourists, aside from its already astounding Greek heritage. For over many years now, travelers have claimed full satisfaction after having their long-dreamed Protaras vacation where nature and adventure lovers are surprised with days full of fun and pleasure. Now before you get on that flight, you may want to plan ahead of time because there are too many things you can do in Protaras, one of Cyprus’ most-visited destinations.


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Photography to Capture Magnificent Sceneries

Many tourists profess their love for Cyprus because of the endless display of breath-taking views, even as they take simple walks under lush palm trees. There are plenty of estates in this spectacular place, where picnics and relaxing walks are warmly welcomed by the fresh and invigorating breeze.

Dwell in Your Chosen Beach Spot!

With too many crystal clear watered beaches surrounding the area, your holidays are packed with refreshing activities that involve sea water. The best beach is found at the Fig Tree Bay, with Sirena Bay gaining as much admiration due to its equally stunning waters. You may swim for as long as you want, or simply lay down and get a tan, enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking—whichever you prefer as you watch the time fly!

Visit Waterworld at the Herbies

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most favorite activities experienced by tourists all year long. With such a rich and colorful underwater populace, the Herbies diving paradise transforms your seemingly regular Protaras holidays into unforgettable moments with Nemo and his fish friends. There is a diving school where you can learn how to do the basics, and enjoy singing “Under the Sea” whilst creatures dance endlessly.

Watch and Dance with Dancing Waters

Whether you are tagging your kid along or not, to watch the Magic Dancing Waters Show is a must once you visit Protaras. Awarded 1st Prize at the European Innovative Theme Park Contest, the combination of contagious music, volcano eruptions, amazing laser animations, and glittering flames—all linked to dancing waters—will captivate your eyes and let you skip to that beat!

Visit the Profitis Elias Church

Feed those eyes with incredible view as you climb the top of the Profitis Elias Church tower. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing real beauty from this other side of the planet.

There are plenty of other adventures that will help you make your visit worth treasuring for a lifetime. Make sure to have an organized plan before booking your flights to and fro, so you can see which activities will be prioritized. This way, you will get full pleasure from your trip to Protaras, Cyprus, get to see all that’s worth seeing, and maximize your time and money.

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